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We wouldn’t be much of a custom auto shop at all without an extensive line of accessories available to the residents of Bolivar, Springfield, and all the surrounding areas. Have you ever wanted to add a little more chrome to your vehicle but you weren’t sure how or where? Let our experts at JH Custom help you deck out your ride with the best in chrome accessories. Do you want to boost your car, truck, or SUVs performance on the road? Let us fit your ride with a cold air intake system. With our full range of automotive accessories, we can improve your mileage and help you keep your vehicle in showroom condition. We carry hundreds of truck, car, and SUV accessories in our Bolivar showroom, so come check us out. Or, read on to learn more about some of the coolest accessories we offer.

Cold Air intake systems

Cold air intake systems feed your engine the oxygen-dense air that it craves. By cooling the air before it reaches the engine, the cold air intake system concentrates oxygen so that your engine can breathe like it should. Greater airflow and greater oxygen intake will help your overall engine performance, giving you longer engine life and a greater sense of security. Give us a call to see just what a cold air intake system can do for your vehicle.

Bull Bars

Bull bars don’t just help your vehicle withstand head-on collisions, they just look good on a pickup. If you want to give your pickup added protection and a stylish touch to make it look even stronger, consider adding a bull bar to your front-end, and let JH Custom do the work for you. Our installation experts will have the job done to your satisfaction, so give us a call and get set up with the bull bar that’s right for your truck.

Chrome Trim Accessories

What better way to make your vehicle stand out from the rest than with chrome trim and accents? Chrome gives your vehicle a look of sleek sophistication, and the team at JH Custom will be happy to hook you up. So whether you’re in a two-door hatchback or the biggest, meanest lifted pickup, add some distinctive flair with chrome trim. And with JH Custom conveniently located in Bolivar, MO, we can serve customers from the Springfield metro area just a short drive up the road.

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Don’t get left in the dust. Let JH Custom set your ride up with the coolest in automotive aesthetic and performance accessories. From custom lighting to lift kits, mobile electronics, tires, and more, JH Custom really offers it all. Stop by our Bolivar showroom or take a look at our online gallery for a taste of what JH Custom can offer you.

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