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There are lots of ways to make your vehicle stand out. Custom lighting can accent the cool contours of your vehicle while a powerful sound system can make cars around you feel your music. But nothing stands out quite like a lifted pickup or a lowered sports car. While many people view these modifications as simply for show, it is true that they can offer some benefits to your vehicle. For the best in lifting and lowering in Bolivar, Springfield, and the surrounding areas, choose JH Custom.

Body Lift Kits

Body lift kits do not interfere with your suspension system, so they don’t require the same amount of modification that suspension lift kits will. This means they can be a bit more affordable while still giving your tires additional clearance beneath the body of your vehicle. These are great for vehicles that need the extra clearance either for larger tires or for a bit of offroading. If you’re looking to lift your ride, let JH Custom lend its expertise. We’ll be happy to fit your vehicle with a body lift kit so you’ll be sitting high and mighty on the road.


Suspension Lift Kits

Suspension lift kits are a different game altogether. Because they involve the vehicle’s suspension rather than just the body, you can lift your vehicle about as high as you wish. This option is great for drivers who want the appeal of a lifted vehicle with the added bonus of customized suspension to keep them riding smoothly no matter what the terrain. If you’re looking for a lift, call JH Custom. We help drivers all over the Bolivar and Springfield areas get the performance they want out of their lifted cars, so let us help you, too.

Lower Your Vehicle

Lowering your vehicle doesn’t just look sleek and fast, it can help the performance of some vehicles. By lowering your car’s center of gravity, you’ll be able to handle turns and certain maneuvers even better. Dropping the vehicle will also increase its aerodynamics by reducing the amount of airflow (and lift) from beneath the car, increasing the downforce and improving your car’s handling overall. Paired with the improved appeal, lowering your car can be an all-around great choice. To get the best in vehicle lowering, call on the team at JH Custom.


JH Custom

JH Custom is your go-to custom automotive wheel and accessories shop in Bolivar. We serve customers from as far south as Springfield and the surrounding areas. Stop by our showroom or check out our gallery to see just what we offer, or give us a call to get started with us today!

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